Season 4 Episode 5: All The Treasure In The World So Blinding

March 20, 2017

Some "treasure" should never be uncovered...

Some coins, are best left buried.

Two men will tempt the fates, and pay a price they aren't ready for. 


Season 4 Episode 4: Laying the Trap

February 28, 2017

Keep listening. Dillon and Dutch are counting on you. Find them if you dare. 


Season 4 Episode 3: The Pecking Order

February 1, 2017

40 days have passed since the world had any word from Dillon and Dutch. I have been instructed to give the following message: "Latin Gold Casts the same shadow as buried ruins"


If any of you can decipher the code, send a letter to PO Box 2372 Alameda, Ca 94501. 


Season 4: Episode 2 The Oyster Farmer

January 25, 2017

I have been instructed to post this episode. More episodes will be on the way. Please make sure if you have any clues as to Dillon or Dutch's whereabouts, to call the hotline, or send mail to PO Box 2372 Alameda, Ca 94501. 


Season 3: Episode 15 He We Go Again

December 28, 2016

Listen this week to our Season 3 finale. Dillon and Dutch discuss our journey to the center of the earth, our race around the planet in a hot air balloon, and our fight to the death against a kraken. We go over the Christmas holiday, and the tragic death of Carrie Fisher. We end on the edge of your seat, after we carefully deconstruct the riddle behind the letters from the legendary Yukon Cornelius. See you next season when we go on the search for the world's most famous prospector. 


Season 3 Episode 13 & 14: Dillon and Dutch Christmas Extravaganza!!!

December 21, 2016

Listen this week as Dillon and Dutch discuss the Krampus, a half goat, half demon creature who kidnaps misbehaving children, and locks them away in his wicker dungeon. Dillon and Dutch also discuss the perfect Christmas movie, traditions over the holidays, and they both open up their Christmas gifts for each other. Pull up a chair, start a fire, sip some hot chocolate, and enjoy us talking at you about things you no nothing about. From all of us at both Triple D Mining Company, and Dillon and Dutch Metal Detecting... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. 


Season 3 Episode 12: The Taming of the Shrewd

December 21, 2016

While researching the lost treasure of Santa Puente, Dillon and Dutch were approached by a mysterious sect of people whose sole purpose was to discover the fountain of youth. We were offered their greatest treasures they had come across in their pursuit to find eternal life. We accepted their gifts, quickly discovered the fountain of youth, and then forgot to tell them about it. We eventually sold off their treasure, and purchased condominiums in Las Vegas, but because of the downturn in the economy in 2008, we were forced to sell for a mere 2.7 million dollar profit. We have fought a Balrog, wild animals, and fought alongside kangaroo rebels, but we didn't realize, the hardest punch comes from the IRS. We only came away with 1.3 million in profits over a 6 year period. We have never been so humiliated in our entire lives, but, we will now live forever, so... bonus. 


Season 3 Episode 11: The Lords of Fate

December 5, 2016

Listen in this week as Dillon and Dutch plan to journey to Cairo, a land of milk and honey. There we infiltrate the "Sand Spider's" lair and wrest the leadership away from his group of bandits. Later, we teach the river tribes how to use agriculture to their benefit, by perfecting the slash and burn method. By nightfall we walk the parapets, invade a warlord's castle, and become kings. 


Season 3 Episode 10: Shark Fighters UNITE!!!

November 30, 2016

Listen this week as Dillon and Dutch go into minute detail about the shark fighting kumite they discovered while working undercover for Interpol. After a few months of befriending one of the sharks named "Julian", Dillon realizes that he doesn't fight to survive, he fights because it's what he loves most. After a few more months of training under Dillon and Dutch, Julian enters the sudden death competition. After nearly flawless victories, Julian faces his most difficult enemy, his nemesis Flipper. Flipper poisons Julian by blowing salt dust into his eyes, but because of his training under our intrepid adventurers, Julian soundly defeats Flipper by making his give up in the end. Julian is promptly gifted an anciet katana sword by the Kumite board of directors and starts a career in commodities trading. Godspeed.