Dillon and Dutch Metal Detecting

Season 5 Episode 4: Kite Fighting Bedouin Merchants of Death

September 16, 2017

Listen this week as Dillon and Dutch talk about our slight treason in using our profits from skinned possum hair beard brushes, to trade with Cuba, evidently this country had an embargo with ours in order to prevent world war 3 (check source). To make our business legal, we took the profits and invested them in poppy fields in the middle east, which exploded into an enormous profit margin. Who knew there was a rising demand for poppies world wide? Our business partners kept calling us hero dealers, but for some reason kept mispronouncing "hero". Not to brag, but we do inspire people to be the heroes in their own walks of life, so we never corrected them. Obviously while in the middle east, we tried our hands at kite fighting promotions but had to back away when it got too corporate, and took the purity out of the sport.