Dillon and Dutch Metal Detecting

Season 3 Episode 10: Shark Fighters UNITE!!!

November 30, 2016

Listen this week as Dillon and Dutch go into minute detail about the shark fighting kumite they discovered while working undercover for Interpol. After a few months of befriending one of the sharks named "Julian", Dillon realizes that he doesn't fight to survive, he fights because it's what he loves most. After a few more months of training under Dillon and Dutch, Julian enters the sudden death competition. After nearly flawless victories, Julian faces his most difficult enemy, his nemesis Flipper. Flipper poisons Julian by blowing salt dust into his eyes, but because of his training under our intrepid adventurers, Julian soundly defeats Flipper by making his give up in the end. Julian is promptly gifted an anciet katana sword by the Kumite board of directors and starts a career in commodities trading. Godspeed.