Season 5 Episode 5: The Grizzly Man

September 20, 2017

Listen this week as a Dillon & Dutch discuss something, and other things. We sing, we laugh,... we conquer. 


Season 5 Episode 4: Kite Fighting Bedouin Merchants of Death

September 16, 2017

Listen this week as Dillon and Dutch talk about our slight treason in using our profits from skinned possum hair beard brushes, to trade with Cuba, evidently this country had an embargo with ours in order to prevent world war 3 (check source). To make our business legal, we took the profits and invested them in poppy fields in the middle east, which exploded into an enormous profit margin. Who knew there was a rising demand for poppies world wide? Our business partners kept calling us hero dealers, but for some reason kept mispronouncing "hero". Not to brag, but we do inspire people to be the heroes in their own walks of life, so we never corrected them. Obviously while in the middle east, we tried our hands at kite fighting promotions but had to back away when it got too corporate, and took the purity out of the sport. 


Season 5 Episode 3: A Soul Heir Eclipse

September 2, 2017

Listen this week as Dillon and Dutch discuss what a Solar Eclipse is. Find out out how many minutes is safe to view the sun unaided. And we finally get to the bottom of which are the best movies about north bound rivers. 


Season 5: Episode 2 We Bless The Rains…

August 10, 2017

Listen this week as Dillon and Dutch discuss the exquisite art of hot air balloon jousting, the key to a great hedge, and learn about the animal of the week. Spoiler alert, it isn't a golden eagle. 


Season 5: Episode 1 The Space Ghost

August 8, 2017

Listen this week, as we embark into new territory. We are now going to have hour long episodes for the time being. Local radio station KACR, 96.1 (if you live in Alameda), has decided to broadcast this podcast.


Tune in this week as we discuss our favorite space movies, which movie star we coaxed into his "Big" break, and why ovens are the best appliances for cooking food. 


Season 4 Episode 12: Two Heroes Aren’t Too Much

July 21, 2017

Listen to our season 4 finale, while we go over exposition, ad nauseum, and discuss what themed bakeries we would most likely open if given the chance. 


Season 4 Episode 11: The Woods

June 15, 2017

Listen this week as Dillon and Dutch head to the woods for some rest and relaxation. We talk about everything, our breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. The vast amount of high quality scotch we consumed, and were consuming in real time. But onto greater discussion topics such as the plan for when we are attacked by any and all wild animals thought to be on the property, to whether you would want to fight a bear, or a wookie in a sanctioned boxing fight in Las Vegas. We get to the marrow of our meat, and discover the meaning of life itself. 


Season 4 Episode 10 We Editor’s Quit

May 18, 2017

Listen this week as Dillon anf Dutch are tested at the cave. Enjoy this well edited podcast from the editors in the Dillon and Dutch editing room. We all appreciate the drop in pay, Dillon. Hopefully you both are happy with the enromous amount of editing we did for this podcast. Seriously, you send in hours of nonsense every day. We are the ones who should be featured on your podcast. This is not the 3rd or 4th best metal detecting podcast, I'd say at least 5th. I quit Dillon and Dutch, sincerely Kenny, your lead editor. (Drops Mic)


Season 4 Episode 9: The Shroud Of Darkness Has Fallen

April 26, 2017

Dillon and Dutch confront Bishop Auron about the scroll found in Patagonia. The time has come for all questions to be answered, and the Bishop might not be up to the final task at hand. What will happen when the scrolls are joined, where will this final battle take place, but most importantly, ... who can survive the coming onslaught?


Season 4: Episode 8: Como Se Llama?

April 12, 2017

Some things are meant to be unknown, like the affect a 50 caliber has on a llama.